To Our Loyal Local Alaska Customers:


We are so thankful for the fantastic 2022 fishing season and for all of you, our awesome customers!  Without you, this website wouldn't exist...  So, thanks!


Thank you for your interest in getting salmon from us.  Website ordering for the 2022 season is over, and with the exception of our smoked salmon, we are sorry to say that we are completely out of fish until July, 2023.  We put up as much as we could over the summer, but the frozen stock sold quickly in the fall, faster than ever before. 


If you would like some or our smoked portions, they are $8 each and average around 1/4 lb.  They are vacuum sealed and frozen.  Contact us via the form below to make arrangements.


Check back here in the Spring to place your order for our fresh, 2023 catch!  The page should be up and ready to take orders sometime in April or May.


Until then, stay warm! 


-The Rollmans

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